Michael O’Neal Jr.

Michael began dancing in high school as a self-taught Hip-Hop influenced dancer in Tacoma, he then received formal training in ballet and modern in the University of Washington dance program. Michael believes that to be the best dancer he can be, he should be versatile and push his own comfort zone. Through dance Michael has grown to become a dancer who loves to teach others and to see their growth as well as grow with his students.

Through his art Michael hopes to inspire those he can, to follow their dreams and continue to grow in everyday life. One of Michael’s biggest goals in dance is to try and bridge the gap between the ballet/modern world and the hip hop world and build a stronger dance community in his own city and a far. He is a part of both Chapter1NE and Beat Hippies dance crews as well as Seattle’s Au Collecive. You can find Michael under the moniker Choreomike on YouTube and other social media.