Stretch & Conditioning

Stretch & Conditioning in Bellevue, WA

Perhaps you've had only a small amount of dance experience, or maybe you've had years of instruction. Either way, dancers can always improve their strength and flexibility. Sometimes the best way to focus on that goal is to take a class dedicated to strength and flexibility alone. Crescendo Dance Academy offers stretch and strength classes to help all dancers increase their skill through specific exercises.

If you’re looking for a way to increase your range of motion or to increase core muscle strength, take a class that teaches dance strengthening exercises that will enhance your existing ability. Our stretch and strength class will help you achieve your goals and become more in control and aware of your body.


Stretch and Strength Classes

Strength training and dance stretching exercises help you keep your dancing muscles in shape. If you want to improve your overall skill, a stretch and strength course can put you on that path. If it's been a while since you danced, ease back in with one or more of our fun dance courses and fitness classes. At Crescendo Dance Academy, we encourage flexibility and strength so that moving your body will be fun and comfortable.

Bellevue, WA is home to our new studio that focuses on accepting, supporting, and inspiring anyone who wants to dance. We love to add new people with attitude, ability, and potential to our rosters. Below is the breakdown of our stretch and strength classes:

  • Level 2 (6-9 years old)
  • Level 3 (9-13 years old)
  • Level 4 (13-16 years old)
  • Level 5 (16-18 years old)
  • Open Level (13+ with little to no prior dance experience)

As you can see, we cater to all ages and experience levels. Even if you haven’t taken dance classes before but always wanted to try, you can register for one of our open level courses. At Crescendo Dance Academy in Bellevue, WA, every lover of dance is welcome.

To find out more about our class structure and registration, call us at 425-502-8161 today.



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