10 Reasons Artistic/Curriculum Director Elbert Lubas is your new best friend

I had a chance to sit down and chat with our newest staff member and fabulous human being Elbert Lubas to talk about his likes, dislikes, ambitions, proudest moments, and most embarrassing moments. Here are the reasons he will be your new best friend:

  1. Elbert loves ice-cream but can only have it once a year #sad
  2. Loves spending time with family and friends
  3. Loves choreographing for his dance company, Syncopation Dance Company
  4. Dislikes mean people #rude
  5. His proudest moment was when he won Cal State Youth Dance Nationals #pride
  6. His most embarrassing moment was when he ripped his pants during prom (more than his legs split)
  7. He's incredibly approachable - seriously he will chat with you FOR AGES about his years in New York, club experiences, and EVERYTHING dance.
  8. Elbert is aiming to create an open and supportive environment at Crescendo, making it a hub for a great dance education. He loves watching kids grow in confidence within the art, developing strong technical standards!
  9. He is the silliest person you will ever meet
  10. He's the most sincere person you will ever meet

In 2017 Crescendo is venturing into the world of competitions and we are equipped with the best tool out there; a competition veteran with a passion for educating and choreographing. Keep in touch as we embark on this new exciting adventure!