Spring Tap Dance Lessons in Bellevue, WA

Maybe your child watched a group of tap dancers perform with wide-open eyes and begged you to let him or her take a class. Or maybe you’re the one who wants your child to try a new experience.

Either way, your son or daughter will enjoy our tap dance classes in Bellevue, WA.


Why Learn Tap Dancing?

Tap is one of the most energetic dance forms—and one of the most exciting to watch. Tap dancers don’t just learn how to perform steps to the music. They also learn how to create percussive sounds to the music’s rhythm.

By learning tap dance, your child becomes part of a long-time dance tradition. A fusion of ethnic dances such as African tribal dancing and English clog dancing, tap dance was first performed in the mid-1800s.

The techniques in tap dance classes transfer well to other types of dance. If your child wants to learn other dance forms, tap dance is a good place to start.


Classes at Our Bellevue, WA Studio

People of all ages enjoy tap dancing. Whether your child is 6 or 18, we have a class for his or her age level.

  • Level 1 (6–9 years old)

Beginning dancers learn basic tap movements. They also learn how to follow the instructor and how to work as a team.

  • Level 2 (10–12 years old)

Young dancers quickly progress as they work to master difficult tap steps.

  • Level 3 (13–18 years old)

Dancers practice exciting choreography with our experienced instructors.

Are you ready to see your child master an exciting new skill? Register today for tap dance classes in Bellevue, WA.



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