4 Reasons to Enroll Your Son in a Dance Class

You know your son is interested in learning how to dance, but he may not want to sign up for a class. He may be afraid his friends will laugh at him if he takes a dance class. He may tell you, "Boys don't dance."

Of course, that just isn't true. There are many successful male dancers, including Michael Jackson, Fred Astaire, and Mikhail Baryshnikov. And there are many reasons why boys shouldn't be afraid to take up dancing. Here are four reasons to encourage your son to pursue his passion.

1. Dancing Prepares Your Son for Other Athletic Pursuits


Your son might be more likely to sign up for dance if you remind him that dancing can improve his performance in other sports and athletic activities.

You've probably heard of football players who take dance lessons to improve their flexibility and coordination. Football isn't the only sport that requires these skills. The flexibility and coordination your son learns in dance can help him in gymnastics, running, and swimming, to name a few examples.

Dancing also builds muscles in the arms, legs, and core. This muscle strength is crucial for any kind of athletic pursuit, from wrestling to tennis.

2. Dancing Improves Your Son's Health

Remember that regular physical activity is important for your son. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that children get vigorous aerobic activity at least three times a week.

Dancing is one of the most effective aerobic exercises. One hour of dance burns up to 500 calories, so it can help prevent obesity and related conditions. If your son doesn't currently get enough physical activity, taking a dance class is a great choice.

Plus, dancing can decrease stress and anxiety and improve emotional health. Both men and women around the world use dance as a form of emotional therapy.

3. Dancing Teaches Your Son Self-Confidence

If your son is afraid to take a dance class, signing up for a dance class anyway can help him replace his fear with courage. Gaining courage is especially important if your son worries that others will make fun of him. Choosing to dance anyway helps him learn to do what he wants to do rather than following the crowd.

Fortunately, your son probably won't be the only boy in his dance class. Many boys enjoy dancing in various varieties, from hip-hop to ballet. If there aren't many boys in his class, your son will gain confidence as he learns that it's okay to stand out.

Don't forget that an important part of dancing is performing in front of an audience. As your son dances in recitals, he will become increasingly more confident with performing.

4. Dancing Improves Your Son's Mental Abilities

Dancing helps your son develop important thinking skills that boys need just as much as girls do.

If your son has trouble focusing in school, dancing might help. Your son will need to focus intently during the dance class, which can help improve concentration. Plus, memorizing complex dance moves can help him develop his skills for memorization. And, expressing himself creatively can improve his creative expression in other areas.

Just like any other activity your son is interested in, dancing is hard work. The discipline and perseverance your son learns in dance can benefit him in school, work, and other activities he pursues.

Dancing can be beneficial to both boys and girls. By taking a dance class, your son might discover his true passion.

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