4 Reasons to Enroll Your Son in a Dance Class

You know your son is interested in learning how to dance, but he may not want to sign up for a class. He may be afraid his friends will laugh at him if he takes a dance class. He may tell you, "Boys don't dance."

Of course, that just isn't true. There are many successful male dancers, including Michael Jackson, Fred Astaire, and Mikhail Baryshnikov. And there are many reasons why boys shouldn't be afraid to take up dancing. Here are four reasons to encourage your son to pursue his passion.

1. Dancing Prepares Your Son for Other Athletic Pursuits


Your son might be more likely to sign up for dance if you remind him that dancing can improve his performance in other sports and athletic activities.

You've probably heard of football players who take dance lessons to improve their flexibility and coordination. Football isn't the only sport that requires these skills. The flexibility and coordination your son learns in dance can help him in gymnastics, running, and swimming, to name a few examples.

Dancing also builds muscles in the arms, legs, and core. This muscle strength is crucial for any kind of athletic pursuit, from wrestling to tennis.

2. Dancing Improves Your Son's Health

Remember that regular physical activity is important for your son. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that children get vigorous aerobic activity at least three times a week.

Dancing is one of the most effective aerobic exercises. One hour of dance burns up to 500 calories, so it can help prevent obesity and related conditions. If your son doesn't currently get enough physical activity, taking a dance class is a great choice.

Plus, dancing can decrease stress and anxiety and improve emotional health. Both men and women around the world use dance as a form of emotional therapy.

3. Dancing Teaches Your Son Self-Confidence

If your son is afraid to take a dance class, signing up for a dance class anyway can help him replace his fear with courage. Gaining courage is especially important if your son worries that others will make fun of him. Choosing to dance anyway helps him learn to do what he wants to do rather than following the crowd.

Fortunately, your son probably won't be the only boy in his dance class. Many boys enjoy dancing in various varieties, from hip-hop to ballet. If there aren't many boys in his class, your son will gain confidence as he learns that it's okay to stand out.

Don't forget that an important part of dancing is performing in front of an audience. As your son dances in recitals, he will become increasingly more confident with performing.

4. Dancing Improves Your Son's Mental Abilities

Dancing helps your son develop important thinking skills that boys need just as much as girls do.

If your son has trouble focusing in school, dancing might help. Your son will need to focus intently during the dance class, which can help improve concentration. Plus, memorizing complex dance moves can help him develop his skills for memorization. And, expressing himself creatively can improve his creative expression in other areas.

Just like any other activity your son is interested in, dancing is hard work. The discipline and perseverance your son learns in dance can benefit him in school, work, and other activities he pursues.

Dancing can be beneficial to both boys and girls. By taking a dance class, your son might discover his true passion.

Enroll your son in a dance class at Crescendo Dance Academy today. We offer a wide variety of exciting classes, including tap, contemporary, ballet, jazz, hip-hop, and musical theater.





3 Ways hip-Hop Dance Lessons Make Your Life Happier

"Hip-hop dance" is a catchall term for street-dancing styles that trace their first moves to parties and clubs in the 1940s. Hip hop is a fun, loose style of dance that's full of energy and rhythm. Dancing hip hop is a perfect way to blow off steam after a day at school. Hip-hop dance is also a great way to build leg strength, abdominal muscles, and balance.

Hip-hop dance lessons make your life happier in three other key ways. Read on to find out how.

Hip-Hop Dancers Wear the Coolest Shoes

Shoes are almost the whole game in hip-hop workouts, so those shoes have a great deal expected of them. They must be lightweight and flexible yet cushioned enough to protect the feet when you are spinning and stepping down hard.

Your shoes need to be extremely durable and have adequate arch support. They need great traction, but they shouldn't have black soles that mark up finished dance-studio floors. Many dancers choose a specific style of shoe called a dance sneaker. This footwear has a split sole that gives the dancer's foot the ability to stand on toes, turn, and pivot more easily.

No matter which hip-hop dance shoes you choose-at your dance teacher's discretion, of course-they will certainly be stylish and attractive. You'll be tempted to show your shoes off outside of class too.

Hip-Hop Class Is a Great Introduction to Dance

Some styles of dance are very formal, and they require tiny, precise movements that take a great deal of practice to master. Hip-hop dance has its share of expert-level moves and complicated choreography, but the beginning moves are easy for most people to learn quickly.

When you're able to grasp dance moves in short order, you enjoy class and feel more engaged. Beginning hip-hop lessons let you step right into the action and start having fun. Remember to listen to your teacher's advice, concentrate on your moves, and work on memorizing the routines. Soon you'll feel like you've been dancing all of your life.

Hip-hop dance takes many of its terms from ballet and other dance forms, so you get an introduction to formal words and concepts you may encounter in other styles of dance as you expand your skills.

For example, many hip-hop moves are performed in plié, or with the knees slightly bent, while other moves are performed in relevé, which means up on the toes. Your dance teacher will use these French terms until their meanings become second nature to you.

Everything's Better When You Have the Right Moves
No matter how young or old you are, learning a few awesome hip-hop moves will carry you far in your social sphere. You probably won't ever be caught again standing around at a school dance or birthday party, but if you are, your moves will really shock the crowd when someone finally does convince you to hop on to the dance floor.

Hip-hop dancers learn to get over their fear of expressing themselves through body language. The confidence boost helps in all areas of life.

Hip-hop class gear is pretty basic. Aside from the shoes, you need loose-fitting bottoms and a few layers up top. Wear a cool, wicking leotard or sleeveless sports shirt next to your body, and then layer with a sleeved shirt you can remove after you warm up.

Your dance instructor may have specific gear requirements for each class, but there isn't much specialty equipment necessary to begin hip-hop
dance classes.

Crescendo Dance Academy offers hip-hop classes as well as jazz, jazz funk, and contemporary dance. Students of all levels are welcome to join us on the dance floor. Call today to schedule your first class.

6 makeup/skincare items every dancer needs in their collection

There is no avoiding the sweat that naturally drips down the face during performances, every dancer knows what it feels like to get back in the dressing room and see the streaks of caked makeup down their cheeks. So what is the best foundation out there that doesn't let that happen? And what else is built ironclad strong enough to resist the aggression of a performance?

  1. MAC's Full Coverage Foundation - this guy is water-resistant, long-wearing and the fullest coverage, non-greasy or shimmery foundation out there. If you use a wet sponge (it says on the website to use a dry sponge but disregard that) it will blend easier! --> http://bit.ly/2iHWIzq
  2. Maybelline's Gel Eyeliner - this eyeliner will last the whole performance! No transfer or movement with sweat, plus it lets you decide how thick you want it (will need a brush, probably an angled liner brush, to get the wing you want but with a pencil brush could get a really clean simple line). --> http://bit.ly/2j9bLFO
  3. Makeup wedge-sponge - cheap, easy to use, just as dependable as a more expensive beauty blender, these are the way to go. Dampen this guy just a little, dig into the thick pancake foundation then slap it on the face: poreless within minutes! --> http://bit.ly/2ihNoBB
  4. Covergirl's Lashblast Volume Waterproof Mascara - the title of this product definitely gives away why it's so amazing. --> http://bit.ly/2iI406g
  5. Purity Makeup Removing Wipes - the one expensive item on the list will not disappoint. Skincare is the best way to protect the skin so it doesn't break out with products that are thicker, heavier and most likely to get in the pores. These wipes will clean it all away with the gentlest of solutions. --> http://seph.me/2jFxeqN
  6. Neutrogena's Hydro-Boost Moisturizing Gel Cream- this is the best way to hydrate the skin and prime it for foundation; the ingredient you want to look for in moisturizers for the daytime is dimethicone, a silicone based agent that smooths lines and texture, making it a great primer! 2-in-1! And because this is a gel-cream, you won't have to worry about greasy-ness or shine. -->http://bit.ly/2jFAl1I

What do you like to use? What products are your favorite for super sweaty performances?

10 Reasons Artistic/Curriculum Director Elbert Lubas is your new best friend

I had a chance to sit down and chat with our newest staff member and fabulous human being Elbert Lubas to talk about his likes, dislikes, ambitions, proudest moments, and most embarrassing moments. Here are the reasons he will be your new best friend:

  1. Elbert loves ice-cream but can only have it once a year #sad
  2. Loves spending time with family and friends
  3. Loves choreographing for his dance company, Syncopation Dance Company
  4. Dislikes mean people #rude
  5. His proudest moment was when he won Cal State Youth Dance Nationals #pride
  6. His most embarrassing moment was when he ripped his pants during prom (more than his legs split)
  7. He's incredibly approachable - seriously he will chat with you FOR AGES about his years in New York, club experiences, and EVERYTHING dance.
  8. Elbert is aiming to create an open and supportive environment at Crescendo, making it a hub for a great dance education. He loves watching kids grow in confidence within the art, developing strong technical standards!
  9. He is the silliest person you will ever meet
  10. He's the most sincere person you will ever meet

In 2017 Crescendo is venturing into the world of competitions and we are equipped with the best tool out there; a competition veteran with a passion for educating and choreographing. Keep in touch as we embark on this new exciting adventure!

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