6 makeup/skincare items every dancer needs in their collection

There is no avoiding the sweat that naturally drips down the face during performances, every dancer knows what it feels like to get back in the dressing room and see the streaks of caked makeup down their cheeks. So what is the best foundation out there that doesn't let that happen? And what else is built ironclad strong enough to resist the aggression of a performance?

  1. MAC's Full Coverage Foundation - this guy is water-resistant, long-wearing and the fullest coverage, non-greasy or shimmery foundation out there. If you use a wet sponge (it says on the website to use a dry sponge but disregard that) it will blend easier! --> http://bit.ly/2iHWIzq
  2. Maybelline's Gel Eyeliner - this eyeliner will last the whole performance! No transfer or movement with sweat, plus it lets you decide how thick you want it (will need a brush, probably an angled liner brush, to get the wing you want but with a pencil brush could get a really clean simple line). --> http://bit.ly/2j9bLFO
  3. Makeup wedge-sponge - cheap, easy to use, just as dependable as a more expensive beauty blender, these are the way to go. Dampen this guy just a little, dig into the thick pancake foundation then slap it on the face: poreless within minutes! --> http://bit.ly/2ihNoBB
  4. Covergirl's Lashblast Volume Waterproof Mascara - the title of this product definitely gives away why it's so amazing. --> http://bit.ly/2iI406g
  5. Purity Makeup Removing Wipes - the one expensive item on the list will not disappoint. Skincare is the best way to protect the skin so it doesn't break out with products that are thicker, heavier and most likely to get in the pores. These wipes will clean it all away with the gentlest of solutions. --> http://seph.me/2jFxeqN
  6. Neutrogena's Hydro-Boost Moisturizing Gel Cream- this is the best way to hydrate the skin and prime it for foundation; the ingredient you want to look for in moisturizers for the daytime is dimethicone, a silicone based agent that smooths lines and texture, making it a great primer! 2-in-1! And because this is a gel-cream, you won't have to worry about greasy-ness or shine. -->http://bit.ly/2jFAl1I

What do you like to use? What products are your favorite for super sweaty performances?