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Contemporary Dance Lessons in Bellevue and Kirkland, WA

You’ve likely felt moved while watching a piece of contemporary dance. Perhaps you saw a live performance, or maybe you watched a performance on a TV show like So You Think You Can Dance. Either way, contemporary dance is one of the most touching dance styles to watch. Contemporary dance favors expression through movement as well as creative freedom and individual interpretation.

If your child or teen is interested in contemporary dance classes, our Bellevue, WA studio offers classes for ages six to eighteen. Your child will learn intricate dance techniques while having new experiences in dance performance.


What is Contemporary Dance?

Contemporary dance is a new dance style influenced by jazz, ballet, and modern dance. While it does rely on dance technique, it allows a greater freedom of expression than other dance styles. Dancers often change speed and direction unexpectedly, surprising and delighting their audience.

Learning contemporary dance helps your young dancer improve their ability to portray different emotions through dance. Through our contemporary dance classes, they’ll move beyond basic dance steps and take their performance capabilities to new heights.


Contemporary Dance Levels in Bellevue

Register your child for any of the following contemporary dance classes:

  • Level 1

Children learn basic dance techniques along with musical expression.

  • Level 2

Dancers learn advanced techniques as well as how to emotionally interpret the choreography.

  • Level 3

With the basics mastered, our dancers learn to bring their own interpretation to each piece.

If your child is entranced by the beauty of contemporary dance, give him or her the opportunity to learn and perfect their technique. Register today for contemporary dance classes in Seattle, WA.

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