Hip Hop

Spring Hip Hop Lessons in Bellevue, WA

Hip hop dance first emerged in the 1960s among Black Americans and Latino Americans. By the 1970s, street-based dance crews hit the scene and spread hip hop dance’s popularity throughout the country.

At Crescendo Dance Academy, we help dancers of all ages capture the excitement and expression of hip hop dance. We offer a variety of hip hop dance classes at our Bellevue, WA studio.


Why Hip Hop?

When most people think of hip hop dance, they think of DJing and beatboxing—but hip hop is so much more than that.

Hip hop is a high-energy, entertaining dance style that’s as much about culture and attitude as it is about technique and skill. And let’s be honest—hip hop dance is just plain fun. In our hip hop dance classes, students gain confidence and coordination while they learn skills that are completely unique to this thrilling dance method.


Our Hip Hop Levels

We offer several different classes so kids and teens can learn in the level that best fits their age and experience. Our Bellevue, WA classes include:

  • Level 1

Kids get their first taste of hip hop, including learning to move with the rhythm.

  • Level 2

With a knowledge of the basics, kids move on to more advanced techniques in street style.

  • Level 3

Class includes a rigorous warm-up and intense conditioning to push our dancers to the next level.

Let your child or teen feel like the coolest kid on the block. Enroll him or her in our hip hop classes in Seattle, WA by registering online today.

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